Welcome to Otterburn, Isle of Arran, Scotland.

Corriecravie and close by

The South end of Arran has rolling hills as opposed to the dramatic peaks of the North. There is more farmland here and the settlements are more spread out due to this. There are plenty of walks close to Otterburn and superb beaches are close at hand as well. Blackwaterfoot with all its services and attractions is only a 10 minute drive away. In the other direction there is Lagg Hotel ( 5 minute drive ) which is in a stunning setting. The creamery at Kilmory is nearby and further on is Kildonan which has a lovely beach and a Hotel that serves good food.

Corriecravie is a very small village and one of the many pleasures of Otterburn is that it enjoys such a very peaceful & tranquil setting so that you can really  relax & enjoy your holiday.

Corriecravie, Isle of Arran

Very close to Otterburn is  Torr a' Chaisteal Dun  which  is the ruin of an Iron Age fortified structure dating from about AD 200. The original walls would have been far thicker,  enclosing a circular area some 45ft in diameter.

Corriecravie, Isle of Arran

Lagg, Isle of Arran

Lagg ( 5 minute drive ) is situated
in a charming hollow which is lush with vegetation.

Creamary, Kilmory, Isle of Arran

Torrylinn Creamery   is about 5 minutes by car from Otterburn
 and produces award winning cheese.

Its Dunlop-type cheese characteristics make it a creamier, more subtly flavoured, less acidic cheese than a traditional cheddar. Its particular character is created, not just by the people who make it, but also by the island's volcanic soil, its high rainfall and the dairy cows who convert the prolific grasslands into rich Arran milk.

Church, Isle of Arran

Church at Bennicarigan.

Road from Corriecravie to Blackwaterfoot, Isle of Arran

The road from Corriecravie to Blackwaterfoot is stunning. On the left in this photo is the famous Shiskine Golf Course which is next to a fantastic beach. There are 2 tennis courts, bowling green, putting green and  a tearoom that serves excellent food.

Shiskine Golf Course, Isle of Arran

Cairnhouse Stables, Isle of Arran

Cairnhouse Stables     is located in Blackwaterfoot and offers horse riding.

Cairnhouse Stable, Isle of Arran


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Otterburn is an extremely spacious and well appointed self catering house, that can sleep up to 10. It is  finished to a very high standard, and perfect for family holidays or a group of friends wishing to have an idyllic break away from it all. Set in a delightful garden with a large lawn to the front and mature flower beds around the side of the house - a riot of colour in the summer. An ideal spot to enjoy some alfresco dining.       


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